Friday, June 5, 2020

June Up-date

IMPORTANT:  The school will be open on Monday from 10:00 - 12:00 noon for your parent to come and pick up your belongings and work from our classroom.  They will need to come in Door 10.  This will be the ONLY time that they can come in. NO CHILDREN allowed.

We are continuing to learn on-line until the end of this school year.  Units studied include, a novel study, poetry, fractions and force (in Science).  The students also have access to music, French, Social Studies and gym lessons and activities.  Don't forget to look at the work featured on the Work From Home page of this blog.

The grade 5 teachers are busy planning ways to celebrate the end of the year with their classes and recognize the graduation of the grade 5 students from our school.  More details to come.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

What are we learning on-line?

What are the students learning on-line?

They are learning geometry in Math, point of view in Language and energy in Science.  But they are learning more than simply academic subjects.  In the past few weeks, the students have learned how to communicate their needs, ask questions to clarify instructions and use written teacher feedback to improve their work.  They have learned to solve problems with technology and to persist when something doesn't work properly the first time. They have solved technical problems cooperatively with their classmates by suggesting alternate ways for them to submit work.  They have learned to check Google Classroom regularly and to complete assignments by reading and watching instructional videos.  They are becoming more independent learners. I am very proud of the work that the students are doing.

Thank you Parents for all your support in this learning.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

How is it going?

Dear Parents,

Thank you for all your support at home with helping your child get on-line for school.  It is great to see many of the students keeping up with the assignments and responding to the feedback that I give them in the comments section.

Today, I emailed families if their children have not been doing the math or language assignments.  I want to keep you informed.  However, if your family is unable to participate in on-line schooling right now due to health issues or other family stresses, I understand. Please let me know.

I encourage you to look at the new page on this blog, "Work From Home."  It features some amazing work that the students are doing.

Take care,
Ms. Halliwell

Friday, April 3, 2020

On-Line School Update

We will be starting on-line school for all the students on Monday, April 6th.
Here are some questions that I've had from students:

Q:  What time does on-line school start?
A:  It doesn't have a particular start time.  Log-in when you have use of the computer at home.

Q:  How much work do I have to do?
A:  You have to do one hour each school day.

Q:  Does the one hour include my reading time?
A:  No.  You still need to read for 30 minutes every day.  You can read on your account.  Email me if you do not have your username and password yet.

Q:  Do I have to do the work on Google Classroom?
A:  Yes.  It will cover things that you need to know in Grade 5.  I will be emailing your parents if you are not doing your work.

Q:  What if I need help with the work and my parents can't help me?
A:  I have made videos of myself giving you the instructions. Make sure that you watch them.  You can message me if you are still having troubles.

Q:  Will I get to talk to Ms. Halliwell again?
A:  Yes, I will be arranging a time for us all to meet in a virtual meeting next week.

I hope these answers help you.  If you have more questions, please comment below or email me.

Monday, March 30, 2020

School On-Line: Saying Hello

Hello Students and Parents,
This week you will be getting a phone call from me and an email.  The teachers are trying to connect with their students and see how everyone is doing.  Parents, I want to make sure that I have your up-to-date email so that we can stay in contact.  Students, I want to know if you have a device to do your school work on.
The TDSB and the school is working on a plan to continue schooling this year.  Keep checking your emails for information.
Please continue to follow the homework on this blog and remind your classmates to log in to Google Classroom and do the survey.
These videos will show you how to log in to Google Classroom:

I hope we will all meet again very soon in the virtual on-line world.
Ms. Halliwell